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About Us


Our Story

The Ngwacon™ Story started in early 2000, when Mr Ngoako Thobejane saw a gap in schools in rural areas, around the Limpopo province, not having access to facilities to compete in sports. In 2009, when he saw an advert from the National Lotteries Commission looking for black companies to build sustainable sports facilities for schools, he saw an opportunity and took a leap of faith and started the company. On the 18th of March 2009, three days after his birthday, he registered the company. And he understood that the definition of an Entrepreneur is someone who takes a risk and the risk can be positive or negative, and he or she is mentally prepared for whatever the outcome of that risk is going to be. Since then we have been involved in over 55 outdoor sports facilities projects. We are currently on 6CE PE grading on the Construction Industry Development Board. 

Our Value Proposition

Ngwacon Sports Facilities has developed an environmentally friendly and sustainable court construction process for communities, sports clubs and educational institutions, that results in saving/making money, has a lower risk of injury, are long-lasting and they promotes social inclusion.


Our Slogan

“Promoting Well-being of our future leaders”.


Our Affiliates